Would you like to use AnatomyLearning in your projects?

You can use in your projects AnatomyLearning for FREE as long as you fit the following terms:
Before creating a content based on our software, is mandatory to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I - Every content created with our software (i.e. images or videos) must have a clearly visible link to "www.AnatomyLearning.com" and AnatomyLearning's logo (see logo's collection), both full time the content is visible. In case of videos, a spoken mention at the end of the video is required too. 

II - Getting profit (directly or indirectly) from these contents is forbidden without permission.

III - We reserve to ourselves the right to unilaterally request the retirement of the contents.This means, the permission of publication and distribution of contents created with our software can be revoked.

Logo's collection

- For videos (i.e YouTube):

The logo should be large enough to not be blurry

- For images and other contents:

Transparent black background (Recommended, compatible with all backgrounds):

No background:
Black background: